What is TrippleZ

We are your reliable partner for solar modules made in Germany * * directly from our own factory.


We provide OEM Production Lines.

For further Information please dont hesitate to contact:


Phone: 0049- (0) 152-29250230


Our contacts WORLDWIDE are top notch and are evidence of competence, seriousness and the necessary liquidity to meet quick decisions.


Many years of experience and close customer contact, we know the drill.


We value our customers.

What we offer

  • State-of -the-art machinery with PREMIUM PRODUCTION glass / foil and glass / glass
  • OEM production for your own brand
  • Highest production efficiency and competitive production costs
  • Highest quality standards and test procedures, international market standards
  • Highest competence in glass / glass -Modulproduktion
  • Highest competence in the bi- face-glass / glass -panel production
  • Upgrade to 4 and 5 bus bar technology